GaelLabs is a robot kit designed to better teach essential robotics concepts, while remaining affordable. The kits can be used to construct multiple mechanisms, including bases, lifts, flywheels, and more.  In order to better teach robotics concepts, users are limited to a certain number of options while building, to ensure that every decision they make creates an observable difference.  For example, shortening or lengthening the base would impact its stability or ability to turn, allowing users to learn why a certain base length is ideal. In addition to this, the robot kits are designed to remain versatile; users are able to quickly build their robot without ever needing to cut metal, and without spending large amounts of time building.  Because of this, users can quickly and easily go through multiple iterations of a design, learning the aspects that make a ideal robot.


GaelIOT is Gael Suite's collection of unique, bespoke hardware used to dramatically elevate the quality of VEX tournaments. As of now, the GaelIOT project team has been working on a pager device and an AI camera. The pager device, or GaelPager, is utilized to make tournament communication easier and more efficient. The pager itself is a small, phone-sized device that communicates wirelessly with other pagers and with the central hub, which is used to send messages to the pagers. With GaelPager, teams will be alerted about their upcoming matches and any important tournament announcements. Recently, the GaelIOT team was able to test out a prototype version of the pager at the 2023 VEX Worlds Championship. The Ai Camera, or GaelCamera, is a device that utilizes artificial intelligence on a high-quality camera to provide the best viewing experience for robots during matches. It uses two stepper motors and four limit switches to accurately move the camera around and create an NBA-style livestream experience. No more sloppy camera angles and confusion about which team scored what; the GaelCamera is the future of recording VEX tournaments. 


GaelTourney is an event management software for volunteers and managers at robotics tournaments. It provides an all-inclusive solution that assigns and manages tasks between different types of volunteers, sends alerts, manages volunteer hours, contains venue information and more. The early version of GaelTourney is intended solely for robotics tournaments, but eventually the event management flow of the app will be extended to various types of events. The GaelTourney software targets all too apparent inefficiencies in the current tournament management system, where teams are often queued late, volunteers are mismanaged and overextended, and managers are stressed. 


GaelDrive is a worlds-tier navigation stack for competition robots using the latest, industry-standard algorithms for odometry, path planning, and other autonomous routines in an extensible and future-proof way. The GaelDrive software is constructed to be forward-compatible for future generations of possible hardware and sensors. GaelDrive is well documented and constructed modularly to easily allow future updates. It utilizes industry-standard odometry and a Monte Carlo localization model to filter the location of the robot with extreme accuracy in the desired number of dimensions. The advanced path planning is optimized for any type of drive. Additionally, the software generates high-degree splines to navigate the field environment with optimizations for Tank, X, and Mecanum drives. Has RAMSETE, Pure Pursuit, and more.