Building the next generation of engineers and businesspeople


Today's world is a challenging place...

We live in a time filled with human problems - not business problems or engineering problems, but human problems.

Human problems need human solutions: intelligent, capable, and deliberate entrepreneurs. A diverse group of thinkers and doers who can build a backend as easily as they can read a balance sheet.

The Solution

We believe that learning is a participatory sport. The easiest way to become an entrepreneur is just to become one. 

Small teams of high schoolers tackle projects in domains they know well. As they take their ideas from sketches to sales, students experience first-hand the thrill of launching real products that deliver real value to real customers.

Who We Are

We’re a Dublin-based, student-driven nonprofit organization that empowers high school kids to tackle problems with the work ethic and know-how of people twice their age. 

Our unique approach leverages a network of mentors to provide a safety net: technical support, leadership coaching, initial funding, and more. Our students can aim a little higher and jump a little farther because they know somebody's there to catch them when they fall.